Perception and the Art of Magic

Perception and the Art of Magic is a completely original magic exhibition of mind boggling illusions which reveal the nature of human perception.

Me Museum’s exclusive brand of hands-on learning puts you at the center of the experience with effects from leading magicians, inventors, and award winning digital artists. Special installations, and, kiosks explore the Art of magic, and the science behind the illusions. Participatory magic illusions defy logic and challenge your assumptions, as you fly on a magic carpet; grow to over seven feet; become invisible; or make your friends disappear. Young and old will delight in performing magic.

Download the exhibit’s exclusive app onto your smartphone and see cutting edge Augmented Reality through your phone’s camera. Taking selfies was never this much fun! The fun and learning does not stop when you leave. The gift shop features Me Museum patented magic sets and illusions to continue the enjoyment at home.

You can download our Power Point Presentation from this link.

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