Our team of magicians, artists and creative professionals are at the forefront of perceptual illusions. Using magic, visual effects, and augmented reality, our creations both entertain and educate by heightening awareness of the way we each perceive the world around us.  Our immersive environments blur the line between audience and performer. The result is the ultimate solution for theme park attractions, museum exhibitions, merchandize, trade shows and corporate events.

Me Museum provides a variety of marketing platforms for ongoing customer communications and engagement. Me Museum displays are designed to encourage the taking of photographs and “selfies” which when enhanced with augmented reality allow visitors to continue their experience after leaving the venue. Sponsors benefit from the sharing of the Me Museum experience through social media.



 Mr. Setteducati’s career as an independent inventor of children’s toys, magic tricks and puzzles that he licenses to major toy manufacturers has spanned 30 years and has earned him 18 patents.”   –  The Wall Street Journal

“Mark Setteducati is a magician and artist who uses principles of mathematics and illusions in the toys and puzzles he invents.”   –  The Washington Post

“It’s all fun and games for 58-year-old Mark Setteducati. The magician and game inventor from Gramercy Park has been making children’s toys and puzzles for more than 30 years.”   –  NY Daily News


Bob’s magical career has earned him the privilege of performing magic in both Yankee and Shea Stadiums for crowds of over 50,000 people.  As a creator and teacher, Bob hosted Viacom’s first ever instructional magic videos for which he won a prestigious award. Bob’s production skills have created some of the largest and most noteworthy corporate events in the US and abroad. Other than magic, Bob has also earned world recognition as a woodcarver. His book, “Acanthus Carving and Design” is available through Amazon where it received 5 stars.


Based in Asia, Nic is the premier promoter of educational and cultural exhibits, large scale outdoor events and live entertainment. Nicholas’ celebrated career includes introducing Cirque Du Soleil to Taiwan and bringing Elton John to the stage. His credits include presenting the largest traveling festivals in Asia – World Carnival, Super Giant Shows, and more. Nicholas’ accomplishments include presenting award winning exhibits including Body Worlds and CSI.


As the owner of Wellington Enterprises, Bill has spent four decades designing and building large-scale magic illusions. An array of famous illusionists have turned to Bill for their magical stage props including David Copperfield and Criss Angel. He has created the magic for a host of Broadway and Off-Broadway productions as well as for commercials and television shows. His enormous shop in Garnerville, NY is a busy place where he and his employees literally make magic.





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