Perception and the Art of Magic


Perception and the Art of Magic is a completely original exhibition of mind boggling illusions that reveal the nature of human perception.

Me Museum’s innovative brand of participatory magic lets visitors fly on a magic carpet; grow to over 7 feet; become invisible; or make friends disappear. Young and old will delight at being at the center of the magic.

Interactive effects and immersive environments designed by leading magicians, and award winning digital artists use magic, and the science of perception to both entertain and educate.

Download the exclusive APP and use your mobile phone camera to experience cutting edge Augmented Reality throughout the exhibition. Taking selfies was never this much fun!

The fun does not stop when you leave as the gift shop features Me Museum exclusive magic sets and DIY illusions to continue the enjoyment at home.



由「Me Museum」策展的「感知の奇幻藝境」,是一原創的互動式展覽,以感官所攝的真切幻覺,呈現人類感知如夢似幻的本質,顛覆一般人對認知及現實的理解。

「Me Museum」獨創的參與式魔術讓看展人化身為幻士,乘著想像力的魔毯徜徉飛翔,忽而變身為7尺巨人, 倏而消失於眾人之間, 或對隨行夥伴點施隱形幻術… 在這裡,你就是一切魔法的核心,愉悅於虛實之間的穿梭。


「感知の奇幻藝境」提供專屬的行動APP下載,讓看展人透過手機的相機功能體驗最前衛的奇幻實境科技,享受前所未見的自拍樂趣 !

當然, 寓教於樂不必侷限於展覽場域內.. 紀念品館裡有更多 Me Museum 開發專利的魔術及 DIY幻術品項 , 讓魔法與歡笑穿越時空帶回家!


Chair Illusion
Morris Museum

Chair Illusion

Founder Nic Gould and daughter Rachel enjoying our Illusion Chair exhibit at the Morris Museum